Ryan Hagemann

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Ryan Hagemann is the technology and civil liberties policy analyst at the Niskanen Center. His research specialties include privacy and surveillance, robotics and automation, decentralized networks, Internet policy, and issues at the intersection of sociology, economics, and technology. He has previously authored works on the economic and social ramifications of autonomous vehicles with the Mercatus Center.

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The Russia Connection

Why It Matters that We Believe the Intelligence Community

Currently, headlines are still abuzz over unverified reports suggesting President-elect Donald Trump may have closer ties to the Kremlin than previously thought. The credibility of the new information is unclear, but it is certain to keep Russian interference in the U.S. election as front page news for the foreseeable future. Questions over the privately-prepared dossier are becoming somewhat confused with those related to the recently released intelligence community assessment of Russian hacking in the elections.


The Path Forward on Encryption: The McCaul-Warner Commission

The current encryption debate is gridlocked. For the past year, privacy advocates, civil libertarians, Department of Justice attorneys, cryptographers, and others have been stonewalling one another, exchanging a barrage of bumper sticker slogans. These engagements have drawn attention to an important issue, but have largely failed to illuminate the path forward.