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Rebecca Friedman Lissner is an assistant professor in the Strategic and Operational Research Department at the U.S. Naval War College. The views expressed here are her own and do not reflect the positions of the U.S. Department of Defense, Navy, or Naval War College. This article draws on her article in the Winter 2019-2020 issue of Political Science Quarterly, “Process Learning in Foreign Policy: From the Bay of Pigs to the Berlin Crisis.”

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Foreign Policy Essay

Countering Russian Influence in the Balkans

Editor’s Note: Russia appears to be trying to undermine U.S. influence throughout Europeand, unfortunately, Moscow appears to be succeeding. Although most eyes are on Ukraine and the Baltic states, the Balkans represent another potential flash point. Emily Holland of Columbia University and Rebecca Lissner of the Council on Foreign Relations argue that the Trump administration and the West in general have ignored the Balkans and call for the EU and the United States to step up aid and do much more in this region to avoid another crisis in Europe.