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Quinta Jurecic is the Managing Editor of Lawfare. She previously served as an editorial writer for the Washington Post and as Lawfare's associate editor.

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Travel Ban

Our Travel Ban Litigation Resource Post is Now Up-to-Date

Since the initial days of the first travel ban, Lawfare has curated a resource of court documents in the litigation against each iteration of the Trump administration’s executive orders limiting travel into the United States from citizens of largely Muslim-majority countries. The page started with just a handful of court cases; it currently includes over 50. And now, it’s completely up to date.


The Lawfare Podcast, Special Edition: Kavanaugh vs. the Committee With No Bull, Part I

Judge Brett Kavanaugh faced the Senate Judiciary Committee in Day One of a two-day marathon Q&A session for his nomination as an associate justice of the Supreme Court. We sat through it all so you don't have to. We've cut out all the garbage and are bringing you just the questions and answers on legal matters related to national security, presidential power and presidential investigation.

Secrecy & Leaks

Document: Unsealed 1999 Special Master’s Report on Starr Investigation Leaks

At the order of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the National Archives and Records Administration has unsealed the 1999 special master's report on possible leaks from the independent counsel's office in the Starr investigation. The report is available here and below.