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Quinta Jurecic is the Managing Editor of Lawfare. She previously served as an editorial writer for the Washington Post and as Lawfare's associate editor.

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Draft Resolution Streamlining Subpoena Enforcement

On June 11, the House of Representatives will consider a resolution to enable committee chairs to seek judicial enforcement of subpoenas with only the approval of a panel of House leadership, rather than the vote of the full House, Politico reports. The draft resolution specifically names Attorney General Bill Barr and White House counsel Don McGahn, but is not constrained to subpoenas directed toward them.


Court Enjoins Border Wall Construction

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has denied in part and granted in part a motion for a preliminary injunction against the government's construction of a border wall using funds reprogrammed by the Defense Department, enjoining the secretaries of defense, treasury and homeland security from taking action to construct a wall along certain sections of the U.S.-Mexico border. The opinion is available here and below.