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Quinta Jurecic is the Managing Editor of Lawfare. She previously served as an editorial writer for the Washington Post and as Lawfare's associate editor.

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The Ukraine Connection

Giuliani Associates Indicted on Campaign Finance Charges

Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, David Correia and Andrey Kukushkin have been indicted by a grand jury in the Southern District of New York on campaign finance charges. Parnas and Fruman have been reported to have worked with Rudy Giuliani on his efforts in Ukraine. The indictment is available here and below.

The Ukraine Connection

House Committees Subpoena White House for Ukraine Documents

Chairman Elijah E. Cummings of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Chairman Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee and Chairman Eliot Engel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent a subpoena to the White House for the production of documents related to the committees' ongoing impeachment inquiry.

The Ukraine Connection

The Hearing and the Whistleblower Complaint: L’Affaire Ukrainienne Continues

The bulk of the information was already public, but the release of the whistleblower complaint and the House Intelligence Committee hearing with Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire gave new context to the unfolding scandal.

The Ukraine Connection

House Intelligence Committee Releases Whistleblower Complaint

The House Intelligence Committee has released a declassified copy of the whistleblower complaint at the center of the recent controversy concerning President Trump's conduct regarding Ukraine. The document is available here and below, along with the intelligence community inspector general's letter to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.