Paul Salem

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Paul Salem is the Vice President for Policy and Research at the Middle East Institute.

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The United States Will Need a “Diplomatic Surge” in Iraq

The United States has played a leading role in fighting the Islamic State, but now it must prepare for the fights that will take place at negotiating tables and reconciliation conferences. Iraqis recognize that the coming months will be difficult. In a recent visit to Iraq, our interlocutors from various political stripes emphasized the enormity of the challenges facing the country after the expected expulsion of the Islamic State from Mosul.

Foreign Policy Essay

Seven Reasons Why Lebanon Survives - And Three Reasons Why It Might Not

Editor's Note: What happened in Syria has not stayed in Syria. In 2014, Islamic State forces swept back into Iraq, and terrorism, sectarian tension, and fear have spread throughout much of the Middle East. One bit of good news is to be found in an unexpected place: Lebanon. The Middle East Institute's Paul Salem explains why, so far at least, Lebanon has survived the chaos emanating from Syria.