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Paulina Perlin is a recent graduate from Yale Law School interested in the intersection of human rights, constitutional protections, and national security. While at Yale, she was named a Herbert Hansell Fellow and Knight Law and Media Scholar. She served as a Coker Fellow in constitutional law, co-director of the Lowenstein Project for Human Rights, and as student director of the Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic, where she successfully litigated several First Amendment and FOIA actions on behalf of clients such as The New York Times and the ACLU. Paulina graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Mathematics and Political Science from Wellesley College in 2015.

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Executive Order 12333

What Does ‘Collection’ Mean? Discretion and Confusion in the Intelligence Community

Intelligence agency procedures have varied both within and across agencies in the intelligence community—making it difficult for Congress, the public and even the agencies themselves to determine the scope of intelligence gathering.

Secrecy: FOIA

Newly Disclosed Documents on the Five Eyes Alliance and What They Tell Us about Intelligence-Sharing Agreements

Analysis of newly disclosed documents undergirding the international intelligence sharing arrangement between the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, otherwise known as the Five Eyes alliance.