Paul Gewirtz

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Paul Gewirtz is the Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law at Yale Law School and also the Director of the Paul Tsai China Center there. He teaches and writes in the fields of constitutional law and federal courts as well as Chinese law and U.S. foreign policy.

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North Korea

Getting More Cooperation From China on North Korea

Other than war, the only ways to address the major threats from North Korea are deterrence and negotiations. The U.S. should certainly continue and sensibly expand deterrence strategies. But negotiations with North Korea would provide the best path forward. Most people agree that the best route to effective negotiations is working cooperatively with China, but those efforts haven’t yet paid off.

Donald Trump

Impulsiveness, Law, and the Immigration Order

Mostly lost in the discussions about the courts’ blockage of President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration (EO) is that the trial judges simply granted a “Temporary Restraining Order” (TRO). A TRO doesn’t decide the substantive issues in a case but keeps the status quo intact until the court can examine those issues carefully.