Philip Bobbitt

Philip Bobbitt is the Herbert Wechsler Professor of Federal Jurisprudence and Director of the Center for National Security at Columbia Law School. He is the author of "Democracy and Deterrence: The History and Future of Nuclear Strategy," and the editor, with Sir Lawrence Freedman and Dr. Gregory Treverton of "U.S. Nuclear Strategy: A Reader."

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Donald Trump

Did Trump Tell Flynn to Talk to the Russian Ambassador—and Lie About It?

On Tuesday, during lunch at my desk, I watched a CNN roundtable which, though pretty hard on General Flynn, professed to be baffled as to what happened after Sally Yates went to the White House Counsel to warn that Flynn had been lying about his contacts with the Russian ambassador and that the Russians were aware of this. Why did it take seventeen days before Flynn was fired? Didn’t the president take these warnings seriously?