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Nicholas Weaver is a senior staff researcher focusing on computer security at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California, and Chief Mad Scientist/CEO/Janitor of Skerry Technologies, a developer of low cost autonomous drones. All opinions are his own.

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The China SuperMicro Hack: About That Bloomberg Report

According to Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley in Bloomberg Businessweek, China has recently engaged in bulk supply-chain sabotage, corrupting thousands of servers on computers that end up in the server rooms of major U.S. companies such as Amazon or Apple, government systems and other locations around the planet.


Researchers Find Serious Vulnerabilities in AMD Processors

CTS Labs, an Israel-based hardware security company, released on Tuesday a whitepaper and website describing flaws they discovered in two lines of computer chips produced by the company AMD. CTS Labs hasn’t released the actual exploits and only describes the flaws in the EPYC and Ryzen processor lines in terms of high-level approach and capabilities. As is the current tradition, these flaws have all been given fancy names (RYZENFALL, MASTERKEY, FALLOUT and CHIMERA) with matching logos.

Election security

2018 Election Vulnerability: Voter Registration Systems

The Russian information-operation strategy can be summed up as “chaos monkeys”: agents seeking to destabilize the United States by exploiting fissures in our society. The Mueller indictments announced Friday show just one aspect. Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks were another. And there is no indication that these efforts are over.