Nadwa Dawsari

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Nadwa Al-Dawsari is a Yemeni researcher and conflict practitioner with over 15 years of field experience in designing and implementing programs in remote tribal areas in Yemen. Since 2008, she conducted field research and published reports and policy papers on issues related to formal and informal governance, local security and justice, tribes, and Al Qaeda in Yemen. Nadwa is the founder and former executive director of Partners Yemen, the local affiliate of Partners Global. She is a Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED) and a member of the Institute of Inclusive Security’s Women Waging Peace Network.

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Foreign Policy Essay

Governance is the Key to Defeating IS: Lessons Learned from Counterterrorism in Yemen

Editor's Note: The Islamic State has metastasized beyond Iraq and Syria, establishing so-called “provinces” in many Muslim countries. This spread has alarmed U.S. officials, and Yemen – home of Al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate – is of particular concern. Nadwa Al-Dawsari of the Project on Middle East Democracy argues that the failure of governance in Yemen has enabled the Islamic State and other groups to expand and that building governance at the local level is vital to reversing this trend.