Nerea M. Cal

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MAJ Nerea M. Cal is an active duty Army officer serving as an International Relations instructor and Resident Fellow at the Modern War Institute at the United States Military Academy. She commissioned in 2006 from West Point and has served in the Army for eleven years as a Blackhawk pilot, including assignments to Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, and as an Air Assault Blackhawk Company Commander in the 82nd Airborne Division. Nerea earned a Masters in Global Affairs from Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and has published work relating to post-conflict reconstruction in Kosovo and the application of international law in cyberspace.

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Russia and Eastern Europe

Don’t Ignore Ukraine: Lessons From the Borderland of the Internet

Most Americans might consider the events occurring in Ukraine—a distant conflict somewhere along the border between the Russian Federation and Western Europe—to be someone else’s problem. What that perspective fails to appreciate, however, is how these seemingly distant events set the stage for a new form of hybrid warfare that is already targeting Western citizens.