Matthew Wein

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Matthew Wein is a former Policy Advisor to the DHS Assistant Secretary of Policy where he focused on International Engagement primarily in the Middle East, Africa and Europe and Law Enforcement Policy. He also served as an advisor to the DHS Director of Operations Coordination on Counterterrorism and Intelligence issues. He is a graduate of the University of Florida.

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Homeland Security

Back to Threat-Level Orange and the Need to Update the National Terrorism Advisory System

When President Obama took office in 2009, one of his first tasks was directing the review and reform of the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS). President Bush implemented the color-coded alert levels shortly after September 11th to better communicate with the public regarding potential and emerging threats. But instead of meaningfully informing citizens, the stoplight chart of doom quickly became a punchline on late-night television, with David Letterman and Jon Stewart taking regular aim.

Aviation Screening

Facilitation and Security in the Age of Air Travel

This summer has been dominated by headlines about long lines at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints at the nation’s airports. Surely, countless meetings are currently being held at DHS and TSA aimed at ensuring no one else spends a night on a cot in O’Hare Airport. But overlooked in the scrutiny is the ways in which the issue brings to light an important security development of last 5 years. Security and the facilitation of travelers are no longer at odds.


As ISIL Evolves, U.S. Tactics Must Adapt

In September 2014 the Obama Administration announced its Counter-ISIL strategy, aimed to “degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL… so that it’s no longer a threat to Iraq, the region, the United States, and our partners.” A year and a half later—following successful coordinated attacks in Paris and Brussels and ISIL-inspired attacks in San Bernardino, Turkey and elsewhere—it is time to reassess the strategy, determine what is working and what is not, and course cor


In the 21st Century, Borders Aren’t Walls

Election-year immigration talk has turned, as it often does, to focus on a wall across our southern border as a centerpiece to security and foreign policy. And the recent attacks in Brussels, San Bernardino, Ankara and Paris—not to mention the full-fledged refugee crisis unfolding across the Middle East, North Africa, and into Europe—have also returned borders to the national and international conversation.