Marc Meyer

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Marc Meyer is an analyst in Washington, D.C. and a graduate of Georgetown's Security Studies Program who has worked extensively on domestic terrorism.

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Foreign Policy Essay

The Orlando Shootings in Perspective: How the Recent Attacks Fit within the History of Anti-LGBT Violence

Editor's Note: ​Discussion of the Orlando killings has focused on the role of the Islamic State and the self-radicalization of so-called "Lone Wolves." The killings, however, also are an act of unspeakable violence against America's LGBT community. Events as horrific as the Orlando attack are thankfully rare, but violence against the LGBT community is not. D.C.-based analyst Marc Meyer offers an assessment of such violence and how it has changed over in recent years.​


Foreign Policy Essay

The Routinization of Terror: Why Mass Shootings Don’t Make for Effective Terrorism in America

Editor’s Note: Counterterrorism officials often express considerable concern about lone wolf terrorists -- individuals who act without direct ties to an existing group -- because they are difficult to detect and stop. Yet while such individuals can conduct bloody attacks, does the violence help the cause the terrorists purpose to champion?