Matthew Kahn

Matthew Kahn is an associate editor at Lawfare and a research assistant at the Brookings Institution. Previously, he was a research assistant at the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law and a research intern at the Network Science Initiative at the National Journal. He holds a bachelor's degree in government from Georgetown University.

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The Lawfare Podcast: Yascha Mounk on Populism and Democracy

Long before the election of Donald Trump, Yascha Mounk predicted that democracy was in trouble. A leading voice on the crisis of democracy and the growth of populism, Mounk has now written a book that addresses how liberal societies might survive, called "The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It." This week, Benjamin Wittes spoke with Mounk in the Jungle Studio to discuss the argument his book advances and its implications for the future of liberal democracy around the world. 


The Lawfare Podcast: Zhanna Nemtsova on Boris Nemtsov's Life

Zhanna Nemtsova is a journalist at Deutsche Welle, the founder of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom, and the daughter of Boris Nemtsov. Feb. 27 marked the three-year anniversary since the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, who was the former deputy prime minister of Russia under Boris Yeltsin before becoming a prominent political activist and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin. On Feb. 27 of this year, the street in front of the Russian Embassy was renamed the Boris Nemtsov Plaza.


The Lawfare Podcast: Dan Radosh on ‘Liberty Crossing’

Spy movies and television shows often overlook the analysts who make sense of the nation’s intelligence. That changes with the premiere of “Liberty Crossing,” a workplace comedy co-created by “Daily Show” writer Dan Radosh. In this episode, Benjamin Wittes talks to Radosh about the show's inspiration, how Radosh researched one of the more secretive parts of the government, and much more.