Miles Kahler

Miles Kahler is a Distinguished Professor at American University's School of International Service and a Senior Fellow for Global Governance at the Council on Foreign Relations. His recent publications include "Integrating Regions: Asia in Comparative Context" (co-editor, Stanford University Press), "Politics in the New Hard Times" (co-editor and contributor, Cornell University Press), and "Rising Powers and Global Governance: Negotiating Change in a Resilient Status Quo" (International Affairs, 2013).

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Iran Deal

Iran, Sanctions, and the Illusion of a Better Bargain

Even the most vehement critics of the Obama administration’s agreement curbing Iran’s nuclear capabilities, among them Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Senator Tom Cotton, no longer advance the military option for eliminating Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.  Instead, they argue that a better bargain could have been negotiated, if the Obama administration had not “given away” the leverage awarded by comprehensive economic sanctions.  Given Iran’s economic disarray, maintenance or tighteni