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Matt Danzer is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he was a member of the Columbia Law Review and served as president of the National Security Law Society. He also works as an editor for the Topic A public policy blogs on Roll Call. He graduated from Cornell University in 2012 with a B.S., with honors, in Industrial and Labor Relations.

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Findings, Conclusions and Areas of Dispute Between the SSCI Report, the Minority, and the CIA: Part Four

In this post, we proceed with Lawfare's ongoing, side-by-side comparison of the SSCI Study's key findings, and responses to them by both the SSCI Minority as well as the CIA.

By way of reminder, the SSCI's Study made twenty findings and conclusions about the CIA's detention and interrogation practices after 9/11---twelve of which the blog has summarized so far, along with any corresponding Minority and CIA remarks.

A breakdown of findings 13-16 can be found below, the lone goal being to

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

11/6 Session: Fighting Over MRIs & Hearsay

Thursday's session opens with an update on AE 284, the defense motion seeking Skype calls for Al-Nashiri, from prosecution attorney Col. Robert Moscati. The prosecution has learned that the Guantanamo administrators expects to be able to provide direct interactive communication between high-value detainees and their family members by the end of the year. The parties have agreed to hold this motion in abeyance until the communications system is implemented. After a bit of antagonistic back-and-forth between defense attorney Richard Kammen and Col.

Case Coverage: Al Nashiri Case

11/5 Session #3: On the Necessity of the Death Penalty

The parties return for the afternoon session and Judge Spath begins by laying out his thinking on the previous motion seeking supervised telephone and Skype calls between Al-Nashiri and his family. In the interest of moving this issue forward, the judge would like to understand why a supervised and delayed-transmission telephone or Skype conversation between Al-Nashiri and his family is unacceptable to the government.

Military Commissions

11/5 Session #2: Skyping With HVDs

The commission returns from recess and prepares to consider AE 284 and 284L, a defense motion and supplement seeking to allow Al-Nashiri to hold supervised Skype calls with his elderly parents.

Before that, however, defense attorney Richard Kammen informs Judge Spath that Al-Nashiri has an upset stomach due to his transportation and would like a corpsman to bring some dissolvable medicine to settle it.It's something of a logistical pickle, as the staff says that they cannot bring a corpsman at the moment.

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

11/5 Session #1: Arguing to Reargue

Military judge Vance Spath opens Wednesday’s motions proceedings with AE 181G, a defense request to reargue the underlying defense motion to remove the possibility of the death penalty for Al-Nashiri if he is not given access to classified information presented against him.

Judge Spath notes that after the parties argued the underlying motion in February, the government said that it does not plan to offer classified information against Al-Nashiri. It further agreed to allow Al-Nashiri to see classified evidence in the case using a “Display Only” banner. Defense counsel Capt.

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

8/15 Session: Hashing Out a Protective Order

Military judge J. Kirk Waits begins Monday's session in the military commission case against Hadi with some housekeeping matters: the detailing of a new member of the defense team, Lt. Col. Thomas Jasper, and the release of an outgoing member, Lt. Col. Chris Callen.

The commission explains that it will not release Callen until his orders expire at the end of September to allow the defense to utilize him for the filing of ex parte and sealed listings of motions that the parties intend to bring in the case.