Karen House

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Karen House is a Licensed Professional Counselor driven to help build a better quality of life for those who would give their lives to defend others. Having served as a military counselor for 10 years, she now lives in Taos, NM, where she’s building a respite community for SOF warriors. Karen holds a Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology and is currently a Masters of Social Work student.

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Foreign Policy Essay

Avengers in Wrath: Moral Agency and Trauma Prevention for Remote Warriors

Editor’s Note: Drone warfare is often caricatured as remote-control fighting, more akin to playing a video game than real warfare. In an unusual Foreign Policy Essay, Dave Blair and Karen House ​take on this myth, detailing the costs to the operators and the conditions that increase the risks to their well-being. They offer important recommendations for how to make drone warfare less morally and psychologically hazardous for the operators.


Understanding Life and Death between War and Peace