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Joe Onek is a Principal in The Raben Group, and a national security advisor to TCP. Prior to joining The Raben Group, he served as senior counsel to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School, Joe began his legal career as a law clerk to Chief Judge David L. Bazelon of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. He also clerked on the U.S. Supreme Court for Justice William J. Brennan. In the Carter Administration, he served on the White House Domestic Policy Staff as associate director of health and human resources and later as deputy counsel to the President. In the Clinton Administration, Joe was the senior coordinator for rule of law at the State Department and principal deputy associate attorney general at the Department of Justice.

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North Korea

Getting More Cooperation From China on North Korea

Other than war, the only ways to address the major threats from North Korea are deterrence and negotiations. The U.S. should certainly continue and sensibly expand deterrence strategies. But negotiations with North Korea would provide the best path forward. Most people agree that the best route to effective negotiations is working cooperatively with China, but those efforts haven’t yet paid off.


How a Chain Link Fence Can Protect Privacy in the Age of “Collect It All”

In today’s digital age, virtually everything we do is in some way collected and catalogued. This phenomenon will grow as the Internet of Things expands, cameras in public become more common, and tracking technologies like GPS become more effective. At the same time, the government’s focus on counterterrorism since 9/11 has amplified the role of surveillance to an unprecedented degree.