Jeff Kosseff

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Jeff Kosseff is an assistant professor in the United States Naval Academy's Cyber Science Department. Professor Kosseff is a lawyer, and he teaches cybersecurity law and policy. His research focuses on cybersecurity evidentiary issues, public-private cybersecurity partnerships, cybercrime, cyber-warfare law, and the intersection of cybersecurity and free speech.

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Digital Social Contract

Online Service Providers and the Fight Against Child Exploitation: The Fourth Amendment Agency Dilemma

The Fourth Amendment government agency problem requires platforms to walk a fine—and sometimes untenable—line in searching for private user content that contains child sex abuse material and other illegal material.

Aegis Paper Series

In Defense of FAA Section 702: An Examination of its Justification, Operational Employment, and Legal Underpinnings

The tension between a Nation-state’s need to detect and interdict threats to life, safety and property inevitably conflict with the privacy interests of its individual citizens and private sector entities. Increased flattening and convergence of global communications will continue to exacerbate this tension, as Nation states seek to pursue these twin goods within the common spaces shared by protected populations and those who would hold society at risk.