Jeffrey Kahn

Jeffrey Kahn is a Professor of Law at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law where he teaches and writes on American constitutional law, Russian law, human rights, and national security law. He is currently a Fulbright Research Scholar in residence at PluriCourts, a Centre of Excellence in the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo.

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Doe v. Mattis and the Right of Citizens to Return to the United States

A joint status report is expected Monday in Doe v. Mattis, in which the United States and the ACLU are locked in legal battle over the fate of an unnamed U.S.-Saudi dual citizen whom the U.S. alleges to be an enemy combatant captured in Syria. The case presents lots of interesting legal issues, many of which Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck have covered with their usual insight and attention to detail (available here).


From Hollywood with Love: The Case of Colonel Abel

Who doesn’t love a Russian spy? Boris Badenov loved Natasha Fatale. James Bond loved KGB Maj. Anya Amasova. Joe Biden felt a certain something for Anna Chapman, the “deep-cover” Russian spy rounded up with nine others in June 2010. When Jay Leno asked the Vice President, “Do we have any spies that hot?” Biden lamented, “Let me be clear. It wasn't my idea to send her back.”