James Dobbins

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Ambassador James Dobbins is a senior fellow and the Distinguished Chair in Diplomacy and Security at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation. He and Raphael S. Cohen are the lead authors of the newly released report Extending Russia: Competing from Advantageous Ground, from which this essay is partially adapted.

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Foreign Policy Essay

What Ronald Reagan Can Teach Us About Dealing With Contemporary Russia

Editor’s Note: The U.S. victory in the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union is often laid at the feet of Ronald Reagan. As Russia again emerges as an adversary, the question “what would Reagan do?” is increasingly being asked. Raphael S. Cohen and James Dobbins of the RAND Corporation argue that circumstances today differ considerably from the Reagan-era standoff during the Cold War. However, Reagan’s strong rhetorical stance, use of economic pressure and other means still could be applied to better oppose Moscow.

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