Jens Dakin

Jens Dakin is an international strategic communications professional, specializing in leveraging insights obtained from challenging operating environments to develop impactful and culturally-sensitive engagement campaigns. Mr. Dakin previously served in the British Army in a variety of operational theaters, including Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also an Associate Producer on MOSUL.

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On the Ground in Northern Syria

President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from observation posts in northeastern Syria has paved the way for Turkey’s military offensive into areas inhabited by Syrian Kurds and other minority communities. In a little over two weeks, this region has gone from relative stability to a state of conflict, uncertainty and fragility. Since 2016 we have conducted hundreds of interviews with Syrians from all backgrounds, including current and former members of the Islamic State. We filmed and catalogued the rise of the Islamic State across the region and the caliphate’s subsequent demise.