Julie Chernov Hwang

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Julie Chernov Hwang is an associate professor of political science and international relations at Goucher College. She is the author of Why Terrorists Quit: The Disengagement of Indonesian Jihadists, forthcoming in February 2018 from Cornell University Press, as well as Peaceful Islamist Mobilization in the Muslim World: What Went Right, published by Palgrave in 2009.

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Foreign Policy Essay

The Unintended Consequences of Amending Indonesia’s Anti-Terrorism Law

Editor’s Note: Indonesia has suffered repeated attacks from the Islamic State and other terrorist groups as its democracy struggles to stay robust. The last round of violence has led to proposed legislation that would broaden the crackdown on suspected terrorists. Julie Chernov Hwang of Goucher College argues that Indonesia's efforts to get tough are likely to backfire. Not only will they set back human rights in Indonesia, but they are likely to make the long-term terrorism problem worse.