Joshua Busby

Joshua Busby is a Distinguished Scholar at the Strauss Center, nonresident fellow with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Climate & Security.

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Intelligence Oversight

Annual Polling Confirms Sustained Public Confidence in U.S. Intelligence

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs recently published results from the second round of an annual poll, sponsored by the Texas National Security Network at the University of Texas at Austin, which aims to shed light on Americans’ perceptions of the intelligence community. The data collected in 2018—including survey methodology and limited policy analysis—are available here.

Intelligence Oversight

Glasnost for US Intelligence: Will Transparency Lead to Increased Public Trust?

Earlier this month, the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs published our report on the first round of a polling project sponsored by the Texas National Security Network aimed at shedding light on Americans’ perceptions of our intelligence agencies and testing the claim that efforts by these agencies to be more open will enhance their democratic legitimacy.