Jim Baker

Jim Baker is a contributing editor to Lawfare. He previously worked at the Department of Justice and Twitter, among other places.

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Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT Unbound

Given the potential power of new AI tools, it’s sensible to place restrictions on them to minimize harm. But it’s also worth thinking about the potential uses of AI that operates free of such restrictions in order to mitigate the risk that such harm will occur.


New Perspectives on the Future of Encryption

Encryption and its effects on law enforcement’s access to data seem to occupy a perennial place in the headlines (and on Lawfare as well). The two of us have been working on it for years. The subject is often highly contested, but the fierce discussion has ignored some critical factors. One of those is how changing usage patterns and technologies will affect how law enforcement can—or can’t—obtain access.


5G Networks Must Be Secure and Reliable

5G promises to revolutionize how people use technology. From transportation to health care to entertainment, the way people interact with wireless internet devices will change substantially. And as 5G enables data to be transmitted much more quickly, the number of devices connected to the internet will likely explode, producing massive economic benefits for those who can quickly take full advantage of the new technology.