Hugo Rosemont

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On Cameron’s Candor and Public-Private Cooperation for Monitoring Digital Communications

Susan Landau has published a thought-provoking critique on Lawfare of the UK Prime Minister’s recent remarks covering the powers he believes the State should be afforded to access the electronic communications of terrorist suspects. Crucially, she highlights and explores the link between the need for effective cyber security and how she believes this contradicts the current crux of many governments’ efforts to maintain their ability to monitor suspicious or harmful online terrorist activity.


On Emergency U.K. Data Retention Legislation

After Edward Snowden leaked, the UK Government dripped.

Or, to put it less metaphorically, a major controversy played out in the UK over the past week around the speed, tone and scope of the coalition Government's proposal to introduce, in little more than a week and through rushed emergency legislation, its (unfortunately abbreviated) bill on Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP).