Heather Brandon

Heather Brandon is an Associate Attorney for National Security at Human Rights First. She specializes in the domestic and international legal frameworks governing the use of force.

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Targeted Killing

Will Obama’s Targeted Killing Policy Say What “Areas of Active Hostilities” Means?

Recently, the Obama Administration announced that it will soon release a redacted version of its Presidential Policy Guidance (PPG) governing the use of force in counterterrorism operations outside the United States and “areas of active hostilities.” This includes drone strikes and other targeted killings.

International Law

Thoughts on Brian Egan's ASIL Speech

Last Friday, the new State Department Legal Adviser, Brian Egan, gave a speech on “International Law, Legal Diplomacy, and the Counter-ISIL Campaign” at the American Society of International Law (ASIL) annual meeting. His address clarified the administration’s views with respect to several important aspects of the counter-ISIL campaign.