Gerald Steinberg

Gerald M. Steinberg is a professor of politics at Bar Ilan University and founder/president of NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research institute whose publications were instrumental in initiating the Israeli debate on political NGOs and foreign government funding.

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Foreign Policy Essay

Foreign-Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy

Editor’s Note: Ron Krebs and James Ron argued in their Foreign Policy Essay in May that countries should welcome foreign-funded NGOs and contended that in Israel in particular they do considerable good. ​Gerald Steinberg, who heads the Institute for NGO Research in Israel, begs to differ and offers a defense of Israel's restrictive policies regarding NGOs.



The Issues Behind Israel's NGO Law

According to a Washington Post editorial, headlined “A Danger to Israeli Democracy” proposed legislation “that would stigmatize nongovernmental organizations that receive funding from overseas” reflects “the kind of tactic that Russia and China have employed to squelch dissent.” The editorial repeats the main points in press releases from groups opposing the proposal, claiming that “the legislation is aimed at delegitimizing progressive grou