Grayson Clary

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Grayson Clary is a second-year student at Harvard Law School. He previously worked at the Woodrow Wilson Center as Special Assistant to former Congresswoman Jane Harman and as a Research Associate for the Center's Digital Futures Project.

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Fourth Amendment

Summary: Circuit Split on Device Searches at the Border in US v. Touset

More and more federal courts are confronting the question whether the government’s traditional authority to search persons and property at the border—without a warrant, and typically without any degree of individualized suspicion—extends to travelers’ electronic devices.

Secrecy & Leaks

The Shadow Brokers Dump NSA Trove, Go Out with a Whimper

One of the stranger dramas in information security may now be over. On Saturday, apparently in protest at President Trump’s missile strike on Syria, the group that calls itself the Shadow Brokers dumped the rest of its cache of stolen NSA hacking tools. The collection of exploits had nominally been up for auction, albeit at an improbably high price in Bitcoin, since last August.


Adding Data to the VEP Debate: RAND's New Report

When WikiLeaks shed light on the CIA’s stockpile of software vulnerabilities last week, it revived—but hardly clarified—the debate on whether the government hoards too many bugs. In principle, the interagency Vulnerability Equities Process (VEP) ensures that a flaw is disclosed when the interest in patching it exceeds other governmental interests in exploiting it. Privacy advocates have long suspected that, in practice, the deck is stacked against disclosure.