Gordon Ahl

Gordon Ahl is a senior at Georgetown University, studying international politics. He is an intern at Lawfare and the Brookings Institution.

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FISA Court Order Seeks Information About FBI Lawyer's Misconduct

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court released a declassified order dated Dec. 5, which showed a request for information from the government by Dec. 20 regarding the FBI Office of General Counsel lawyer who altered the FISA applications of Carter Page as documented in the recent Justice Department inspector general's report. The court sought details related to other matters with which this attorney was involved and verification that he had been referred for investigation.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Israeli Attorney General Challenges ICC Jurisdiction in Palestine

The Office of the Attorney General for the state of Israel released a detailed memorandum to explain why the International Criminal Court (ICC) has no jurisdiction over Palestine. The memo argues that Palestine has failed to meet the necessary precondition of possessing criminal jurisdiction over its territory since a sovereign Palestinian state does not exist at this time. The memo is available here and below.

FISA: 702 Collection

Appeals Court Considers Fourth Amendment Violations in FISA Section 702 Surveillance Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that the case of Agron Hasbajrami should be returned to the district court level for further proceedings. Hasbajrami alleged that the incidental collection of his communications under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act that led to his arrest violated his Fourth Amendment rights.