Elliot Setzer

Elliot Setzer is a recent graduate of Yale University. He is an intern at Lawfare and the Brookings Institution.

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Senate Armed Services Committee

Senate Armed Services Holds Hearing on European and Transportation Commands

The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing today to receive testimony on United States European Command and United States Transportation Command as part of a review of the defense authorization request for fiscal year 2021. The Committee heard from Gen. Tod Wolters, commander of European Command, and Gen. Stephen Lyons, the commander of Transportation Command.

You can watch a video stream of the hearing here.


House Judiciary Introduces FISA Reauthorization

The House Judiciary Committee today introduced draft legislation to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Among other things, the draft legislation would repeal authority to access call detail records on an ongoing basis, and would also require the declassification review and public release of significant decisions, orders, and opinions within 180 days of being issued. The proposed legislation would expand mandatory reporting on the number of search terms and queries concerning a U.S.