Elizabeth McElvein

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Elizabeth McElvein is a second-year law student at the University of Michigan. Prior to law school, she was an oversight and investigations staffer at the House Judiciary Committee and a research assistant at the Brookings Institution.

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The Russia Connection

What Public Opinion of the Russia Investigations Reveals About Trust in Democratic Institutions

Recent polling data on the Russia investigation underscores the degree to which partisanship taints Americans’ assessment of security politics. Not only are Americans intensely polarized in their assessment of matters related to the investigation into Russian election interference, but their assessments of the validity of intelligence community analysis are also highly polarized. Taken together, these trends pose risks for the perception of the intelligence community as independent and undermine the notion of a fact-based national security policy.

Campaign 2016

Public Opinion on National Security: The End of the GOP's Advantage?

Normally, when a terrorist attack happens, the shakeup in public opinion is thought to help Republicans. And many commentators today are wondering whether the attacks in New York and New Jersey might thus help Donald Trump, as the San Bernadino attacks are believed to have done during the GOP primaries.

Campaign 2016

Public Opinion on National Security: A Big Factor in Voter Attitudes

A flood of recent polling data shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in a head-to-head national match up, as well as in several key swing states. An oft-cited YouGov/Economist poll released last week found that in a two-way election, 47 percent of Americans would vote for Hillary Clinton and 41 percent would vote for Trump.