Emily Chertoff

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Emily Chertoff received her JD in May 2017 from Yale Law School, where she was a Hansell Fellow at the Center for Global Legal Challenges and an editor of the Yale Law Journal. Her academic writing focuses on international humanitarian law, immigration and refugee law, and crimes against humanity. Her work has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, Texas Law Review, The Atlantic, and Foreign Policy.

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International Law

The Al-Mayadeen Prison Bombing and the Problem of War-Sustaining Targets

The New York Times reported on June 27 that an airstrike in eastern Syria destroyed a building that the Islamic State used as a prison for captured fighters. Observers indicate that the attack was likely part of the U.S.-led coalition forces’ larger bombing campaign in the region. Initial reports estimate that over 60 people perished, including 42 non-combatant prisoners and 15 Islamic State prison guards.