Dan Maurer

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Major Dan Maurer is an active duty Army Judge Advocate. Among other leadership assignments and combat deployments, his service has included stints as a prosecutor (“trial counsel”), appellate counsel, and an Army installation’s chief of military justice. He has published on military justice matters in Military Review (proposing social network analysis as an aid to commanders under R.C.M. 306), the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law (guest editing and introducing a symposium on sexual assault in the military, and on amending the UCMJ’s panel selection procedures for a certain class of crime), the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution (proposing a mediation system alternative for certain forms of relational misconduct), and at the Small Wars Journal (on judge advocates as military justice strategists). He was recently selected as a Non-Resident Fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point, where he hopes to continue his study of strategic civil-military relations.

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