Dianne Feinstein

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Dianne Feinstein is the senior U.S. senator from California. She was the first woman to chair the Senate Intelligence Committee (2009-2015), where she led a six-year review of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program and a bipartisan investigation of the Benghazi attacks. She is also a longtime member of the Judiciary, Appropriations and Rules committees.

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Interrogation: CIA Program

A Reply to Amy Zegart on the SSCI Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program

I was extremely disappointed to read Professor Amy Zegart’s post regarding the Senate Intelligence Committee’s study of the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program. Not only did it include factually inaccurate statements, it also appeared to blame the Committee for the impediments imposed on the Study by the Executive Branch.

My staff has compiled a detailed description of the inaccurate and misleading statements included in Ms. Zegart’s post, which appears below.