Darya Dolzikova

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Darya Dolzikova is a research analyst in the Proliferation and Nuclear Policy Programme at the Royal United Services Institute in London, U.K. Her research focuses on countering the financing of proliferation activities and strengthening sanctions regimes in the nonproliferation and counterproliferation contexts. She holds a master of arts degree in security studies from Georgetown University.

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Foreign Policy Essay

Two Is Company, Three Is a Crowd: The Iran Factor in the Changing U.S.-Russia Relationship

Editor’s Note: President Trump came into office seemingly determined to improve U.S.-Russia relations, with fighting the Islamic State high on the mutual agenda. Standing in the way of better cooperation, however, is Iran: a top foe in Trump's eyes, and an ally in Putin's. Darya Dolzikova of Georgetown University argues that the Trump administration can wean Russia away from Iranbut it must do so carefully, and a full break is not likely.