Carol R. Saivetz

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Carol R. Saivetz is Senior Advisor in the Security Studies Program at MIT.

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Foreign Policy Essay

The Foreign Policy Essay: Much Ado about Ukraine

Editor's Note: Russian support for separatists in eastern Ukraine and the civil war that has ensued have raised fears of a new Cold War. Indeed, many senior American and European officials have called for arming Kyiv against the Russian threat. Carol Saivetz of MIT explains why Russia is fomenting strife in Ukraine and calls for more support to bolster Ukraine’s fledgling democracy.


Foreign Policy Essay

The Foreign Policy Essay: The Price of “Novorossiya”

Editor’s Note: Pundits in the United States and Europe worry that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine heralds the rebirth of an aggressive and dangerous adversary. Yet while Russia’s so-far successful military campaign in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea appear to be major advances for Moscow, the regime of President Vladimir Putin is also paying a heavy price. Carol R.