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Chuck Rosenberg is a former U.S. attorney, senior FBI official and chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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Equitable Tolling and the Prosecution of a President

Attorney General William Barr’s recent four-page letter to Congress, quoting from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, stated that Mueller’s “investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” But Mueller purportedly did not determine whether President Trump obstructed justice.

Federal Law Enforcement

Roger Stone’s Arrest Was Appropriate, Not Heavy-Handed

A Lawfare post from Friday—“Get Me Roger Stone”—well and thoroughly explained the most recent indictment from the Mueller team. The authors also defended the decision to arrest Stone rather than to issue to him a summons compelling his voluntary appearance in court:

The special counsel’s office made this [rationale] very clear in its motion to seal the indictment and related warrants and motions, filed the day before Stone’s arrest:

Federal Law Enforcement

Must Bill Barr Abide Ethics Advice on Recusal? A Debate

The two of us tend to agree on most things. Perhaps it is a result of our similar backgrounds, as career federal prosecutors who worked in the field and came up through the ranks to be United States attorneys. We often compare notes in our current roles as MSNBC analysts, trying to digest and explain complicated news in a thoughtful way.