Candace Rondeaux

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Candace Rondeaux is a veteran analyst of South Asian affairs and the founding director of the RESOLVE Network, a global consortium of researchers and research institutes focused on policy-relevant analysis of violent extremism. The views expressed in this article are her own and do not necessarily reflect the official position of RESOLVE Network or organizations affiliated with it.

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Foreign Policy Essay

The Art of Dealing with the Taliban

Editor’s Note: As the Trump administration weighs its options in Afghanistan, one of the biggest questions is whether to continue talks with the Taliban via its office in Doha—an office set up with strong U.S. support. Here the president's desire to reduce the U.S. role will crash into his goal of being perceived as tough on terrorists. Candace Rondeaux, the founding director of the RESOLVE Network and a long-time regional expert, believes Trump can learn from himself. By applying the steps in The Art of the Deal, she offers lessons for the administration.