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Cody Poplin is a student at Yale Law School. Prior to law school, Cody worked at the Brookings Institution and served as an editor of Lawfare. He graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill in 2012 with degrees in Political Science & Peace, War, and Defense.

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Addressing Russian Influence: What Can We Learn From U.S. Cold War Counter-Propaganda Efforts?

Microsoft and Google have joined Facebook in revealing that Russia may have purchased ads in an effort to manipulate the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Reactions to this news have been a mix of bewilderment and alarm—but perhaps we should not be so surprised. The fabricated news stories and click-bait headlines that dominated social media throughout the 2016 campaign are not a new tactic for the Russians. They are simply the latest iteration of a practice Moscow has used for nearly a century.

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

This Week at the Military Commissions, 3/15 Session: In Case You Have to Testify to it 14 Years Later

It’s 8:59 am on Wednesday morning and the military commission convened to try Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, accused of plotting al Qaeda’s attack on the USS Cole in 2000, is set for business. Today, FBI agents will identify evidence—mostly fiberglass and wires collected aboard the Cole in the days following the attack.


The Law Under Attack in Pakistan

Earlier this week, a suicide bomber outside a crowded hospital in Quetta, Pakistan killed at least 74 people, most of them judges or lawyers, and wounded dozens more. Yesterday, another blast in Quetta wounded an additional 13 people. The provincial interior minister told Reuters that the bombing targeted police escorting a judge, who was not killed in the attack.