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Bob Bauer served as White House Counsel to President Obama. In 2013, the President named Bob to be Co-Chair of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration. He is a Professor of Practice and Distinguished Scholar in Residence at New York University School of Law, as well as the co-director of the university's Legislative and Regulatory Process Clinic.

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The Russia Connection

Trump’s Preposterous 'Collusion Is Not a Crime' Defense: What Real Lawyers—If Asked—Would Have Advised His Campaign About the Trump Tower Meeting

No lawyer would have advised the Trump campaign that because "collusion" is not an offense under federal campaign finance law, the Trump campaign could safely enter into a political alliance with a foreign power.

Donald Trump

The Rule of Law in the Demagogic Presidency, Part II: Giuliani’s Hypothetical of a Murder in the Oval Office

In posing a hypothetical that a president could not be indicted for committing murder, Giuliani appears not to have considered the serious questions that raises about his positions on the president’s immunity from liability for obstruction of justice and abuse of the pardon power.