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Aaron Y. Zelin is the Richard Borow fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the Rena and Sami David Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence. His research focuses on Sunni jihadis in the Arab world, with a particular focus on Syria, Libya, and Tunisia. He is also a PhD candidate at King’s College of London where his dissertation is on the history of the Tunisian jihadi movement. Zelin is the founder of Jihadology.net.

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Jihadology Podcast: Islamist Militancy in Bangladesh: Then & Now

C. Christine Fair comes on the show to talk about Islamism in Bangladesh. Some of the topics covered include:

History of Islamism in Bangladesh and its intersection with mainstream politics The role of Bangladeshi Islamists with Rohingya refugees History of al-Qaeda’s involvement in Bangladesh and its newest enterprise through Ansar al-Islam What we know about recent Islamic State attacks in Bangladesh



Jihadology Podcast: The State of Jihadism in Somalia: al-Shabab & IS

Harun Maruf comes on the show to discuss jihadism in Somalia. Some of the topics covered include:

What al-Shabab has been up to since the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya Background on al-Shabab’s leader Ahmad Umar and how he compares with its former leader Ahmed Abdi Godane The state of foreign fighters in Somalia The status of The Islamic State’s efforts in Somalia