Alexander Wortman

Alexander Wortman received his master's degree in international affairs at Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs, concentrating in International Finance & Economic Policy and Cybersecurity. He previously worked in journalism, covering U.S. politics and defense issues for NHK (the Japan Broadcasting Corporation) in Washington, D.C.

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Cybersecurity and Deterrence

Cyber Risks to Financial Stability

The financial sector has long been at the forefront of cybersecurity protection, information sharing, and collaboration. Even so, cyberattacks on banks and other institutions of the global financial system have become more frequent and sophisticated, honing the industry’s ever-increasing focus on managing cyber risks.

Parallel to these efforts, the financial sector, regulators, and national governments have been working to improve the overall resilience and stability of the financial system in hope of preventing a repeat of panics such as the financial crisis a decade ago.