Adam Segal

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Adam Segal is the Ira A Lipman chair in Emerging Technology and National Security and Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations

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From Defending the Open Internet to Confronting the Reality of a Fragmented Cyberspace: Reflecting Upon Two CFR Reports on U.S. Goals in Cyberspace

Reading the two reports in tandem is a reminder of how high public expectations were for what Washington could accomplish in cyberspace. It also illustrates how significantly the United States’ position in cyberspace has worsened over the past decade.


Recommendations for Healing the DC-Silicon Valley Rift

Cybersecurity is the national security issue that will likely dominate the first one hundred days of the Trump administration. After his briefing with the intelligence community on Russia’s role in the election, President Trump announced that he would appoint a team draft a plan to “combat and stop” cyberattacks within the first 90 days his term.