Ali Sada

Ali Sada is the founder of IRFAD, an Iraq and U.S.-based organization that supports international development programs with field research, local insights, access and implementation expertise in Iraq, Syria and across the Middle East. Mr. Sada is also the founder and co-editor of Daesh Daily, a daily English-language summary and analysis of local news sources, eyewitness reports and social media posts related to the ISIS terror group’s activities. He is a leading expert on ISIS’ use of social media to conduct recruiting and propaganda and provided technical assistance on MOSUL.

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On the Ground in Northern Syria

President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from observation posts in northeastern Syria has paved the way for Turkey’s military offensive into areas inhabited by Syrian Kurds and other minority communities. In a little over two weeks, this region has gone from relative stability to a state of conflict, uncertainty and fragility. Since 2016 we have conducted hundreds of interviews with Syrians from all backgrounds, including current and former members of the Islamic State. We filmed and catalogued the rise of the Islamic State across the region and the caliphate’s subsequent demise.