Allison Peters

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Allison Peters is the Deputy Director of the National Security Program at Third Way where she leads work on international cyber cooperation for the think tank’s nonpartisan Cyber Enforcement Initiative. She previously served as a national security advisor in the United States Senate and a Consultant Advisor to the United Nations.

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Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

Private Lawsuits Against Nation-States Are Not the Way to Deal With America’s Cyber Threats

As cyber threats during the coronavirus pandemic increase, Congress has considered allowing private lawsuits against foreign states for alleged unauthorized cyber activity. This response would create more problems than it solves.


Closing the Global Cyber Enforcement Gap

Last month, more than 50 countries and over 200 major corporations and organizations came together to agree that the international nature of cyber threats needs a cooperative global response and a common set of principles as a basis for security. This conclusion seems obvious—millions of people have been affected by malicious activity perpetrated through the internet—and yet consensus has proved difficult to obtain until now.