Allison Murphy

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Allison is Counsel at Protect Democracy. Allison spent more than a decade in public service focused on investigative and strategic legal efforts, including at the White House, a federal agency, the Senate, and House of Representatives. Most recently, Allison led complex market manipulation and fraud investigations in the energy markets at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In 2015, she served in the White House Counsel’s Office where she advised on a range of matters within an economic portfolio.

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War Powers

How Congress Should Respond to the White House’s Failures on Syria Transparency

Last week, one of us co-authored a summary of a new report on the legal and policy frameworks for the use of force and other national security operations required by Section 1264 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018

Executive Power

The Syria War Powers Memo: Why It Matters

Last Friday, Feb. 9, Sen. Tim Kaine asked the Trump administration to turn over a legal memo prepared by administration lawyers in connection with the April 2017 missile strikes directed at Syrian regime forces. The existence of that memo came to light in response to a freedom of information lawsuit filed by our organization, Protect Democracy.