Austin Long

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Austin Long is a senior political scientist at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation and the author of multiple studies on nuclear strategy.

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Foreign Policy Essay

Location, Location, Location: Evaluating Risks to Submarines from Low-Yield Warhead and Submarine Missile Launch Detection

Editor’s Note: How vulnerable are U.S. submarines in the event of a nuclear war? Some analysts have argued that, after firing their missiles, submarines would be sitting ducks for adversaries to target. RAND's Austin Long takes a hard look at this argument. He finds submarines are tough to target and highly likely to survive.


Foreign Policy Essay

Reconceptualizing the Link between Energy and Security

Editor’s Note: Energy markets are at the core of many national security debates. Whether it’s a discussion about Iran’s nuclear program, the importance of Libya, or China’s role in the world, questions about the security implications of energy are always raised. Llewelyn Hughes of Australian National University and Austin Long of Columbia are skeptical of many of the fears raised in national security debates. They argue that one of the key threats to energy markets is whether an actor can constrict a country’s supply of oil—and here U.S.

Foreign Policy Essay

The Foreign Policy Essay: The Islamic State’s War Machine

Editor’s Note: The recent killing of Al Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane is only one of the most recent U.S. attempts to disrupt Al Qaeda and associated movements by targeting their leaders. Although the Obama administration has aggressively embraced this tactic, arguments persist over whether or not it is succeeding.