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April Doss chairs the Cybersecurity and Privacy practice at Saul Ewing, and is the former Associate General Counsel for Intelligence Law at NSA. [The views expressed here are the author’s and not those of the NSA.]

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What Intelligence Officials Really Mean When they Talk About ‘Unmasking’

This afternoon, we published an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining some of the basics of "unmasking" in an effort to offer a bit of context to the headlines. While it is written for a general interest audience, Lawfare readers may be interested in our explanation of the basic unmasking process:


Trump's Social Media Plan: Problematic Law and Policy, Pointless Security

A month ago, the legislative text of “Visa Investigation and Social Media Activity Act of 2017” (VISA Act) was released. The bill requires, among other things, that background checks for visa applications of alien admission to the U.S. include “a review of the alien’s publically available interactions on and posting of material to the Internet (including social media services).”

Election Security

We Need to #AudittheVote—and It has Nothing to Do with Who Becomes President

The internet has been buzzing with news and speculation regarding state election recounts and a movement to audit voting results. Last week, accounts emerged that well-respected researchers had found indications of potential irregularities in the voting tallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.