Civ-Mil Relations and the JAG Corps in the Bush Years: What Are the Best Analyses?

By Robert Chesney
Thursday, September 22, 2011, 12:47 PM

At Best Defense, Tom Ricks takes note of recent comments from Senator Graham relating to clashes between the TJAGs and DOD-OGC during the Bush Administration, and then asks:

Is it time for a military journal or law review to step up and do an in-depth look at the Bush Administration vs. the JAGs? (If you know of such an overview and analysis, please let me know.)

I'm pretty sure there is a *lot* of such scholarship, in fact, coming at the topic from various angles--including especially in Jack's forthcoming book, if I'm not mistaken. But rather than just send Tom my own thoughts, I'd like to crowd-source this to our readership.  If you will email me with your picks (even better if you can link to an ssrn-based version of the piece), I'll collect them and pass it back to Tom.  Fire away....